Back from a pause, 2020 +

So, now I have a new gig… I took the leap of faith, pushed by 2020 and all that the pandemic has brought.

This will be a personal-ish post. For any of you who have been following my writing, I haven’t written anything new in a long time. Actually, I haven’t posted anything in awhile on this page. I do have a draft, sitting. I can’t post it because it is like a game of ping pong. I argue with myself, back and forth, about the merits of how school should be- open, not open, virtual, real-world learning, focus on health, focus on relationships, no focus… It got ridiculous, because every time I went to finish my draft I had a new, very strong, opinion, about education in these “unprecedented times.” So, I am leaving it be. I am sure you can relate to how emotions, and even facts, have changed since we began in our “new norm.”

So, now I have a new gig… I took the leap of faith, pushed by 2020 and all that the pandemic has brought. My kids were virtual learners, and even though my kids are teens, I felt I needed to be there for them. Blessed that I was told I could not teach remotely for my private school, I had to resign teaching in the classroom, something I loved for over two decades, and now I am doing something intellectually that is pushing me in ways that I haven’t done since my college days. I look forward to the days of turning my brain power into an extensive network of helping others and, hopefully, reaping those rewards. But for now, I am so appreciative of the path in my journey given to me by the silver linings in pandemic.

Here’s a snapshot of part of today. Not only I am writing in my Talking Math blog, a subject about which I am passionate, but I am able to multitask as a mom, an educator and an entrepreneur. I helped review some Algebra 1 content with my 8th grade daughter during her class period. During her virtual schooling she has come to rely on my love of the subject (lucky her?). I kept our 5-month old puppy occupied while completing the FAFSA application for our high school senior. Then, I returned some emails and publicized my new business’ October special.

Oh, did I tell you, I started a business! Check it out….

Next post… more about how and why I started my business. It embodies Talking Math philosophy. You can access the blog from the website’s resource page.